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Arkansas Trucking commemorative lego set

Arkansas Trucking anniversary lego setCelebrate the Arkansas Trucking Association's 85th anniversary and the 50th anniversary of the Arkansas Trucking Championship. Be a part of our long history with this custom Milestone LegoTM Truck. Order one assembled and display your pride for Arkansas trucking right out of the box. Or if you're ambitious, order unassembled and build it yourself.


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Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department

The Arkansas State Highway Commission is pleased to announce the next application cycle for the Arkansas Commercial Truck Safety and Education Program.

Act 1176 of 2013 authorized the Arkansas Commercial Truck Safety and Education Program (ACTSEP). The purpose of this act is to advance State interests in roadway safety by proposing to improve the safety of the commercial truck industry through cooperative public private programs that focus on increased enforcement, regulatory compliance, industry training, and educational programs to ensure the safe movement of goods on Arkansas highways.

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Governor Hutchinson Signing Bill

On April 18, Gov. Asa Hutchinson signed into law a bill that will require truck drivers to complete training on recognizing the signs of human trafficking before obtaining their commercial drivers license. Arkansas is the first state to pass this kind of legislation.

With the support of the Arkansas Trucking Association, the bill was sponsored by Rep. Charlotte Douglas (R-75th) and co-sponsored by Sen. Linda Collins Smith (R-19th).

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