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During a congressional roundtable on emerging technologies in the trucking industry, American Trucking Associations reiterated trucking’s strong record of investing in and implementing innovative technologies to improve safety on the nation’s highways.

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Last year’s Clear Air Act gave former President Obama the authority to write emissions rules. However, two key provisions that would limit greenhouse gas emissions from big trucks have been halted.

In the original Environmental Protection Agency emissions proposals, glider kits—incomplete truck bodies that users can build out with older and less expensive engines, transmissions and axles—were subject to standards of aerodynamic efficiency. However, American Trucking Associations and other opponents argue that glider kits are not motor vehicles or engines, only pieces used to assemble a full vehicle, and therefore not eligible to be regulated.

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Alan Riels of Dedicated Logistics, Inc. is the newest member of the Arkansas Trucking Association Board of Directors.

Riels is the president and CEO of Dedicated Logistic, LLC, a Crossett-based freight carrier with over 60 trucks.  At the Nov. 3 ATA Board of Directors meeting, Riels was nominated and affirmed to fill the vacant position, previously held by the late Wayne Smith of Wayne Smith Trucking, who passed in May 2017 after serving on the board for over 20 years.

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