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Within hours of its first route in downtown Las Vegas, an autonomous electric shuttle bus was struck by a delivery truck (with a human driver).

The Metropolitan Police Department determined that the shuttle came to a stop when it sensed the truck was trying to back up. However, the human truck driver was found to be at fault when he continued to back up the truck until its tires touched the front of the shuttle. Damage was minor, and no one was hurt.

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According to the Department of Transportation, a new drug testing standard will go into effect on Jan.1 to add four commonly abused prescription opioids to the drug testing panel used for truck drivers and all safety-sensitive transportation workers.

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In the October 2017 issue of Arkansas Trucking Report, we reported that the Department of Transportation published in the federal register a request for public comment on existing rules and agency actions that should be repealed, replaced, suspended or modified. DOT collected many responses, but it turns out many of them were submitted by ‘bots.’

A ‘bot’ is an app that performs an automated task. In this case, 477 comments, about one-third of the 1,483 comments DOT received, were automated and not submitted by an individual human.

The issue was realized when the same word-for-word response was submitted over and over:

The ELD rule should proceed as planned this December. The rule is not a change to hours of service, it's simply a change in how professional drivers record hours of service. Delaying the ELD rule will endorse drivers to operate outside of their current hours of service, and that is simply not safe to the motoring public. The industry needs to embrace legal and safe operations with ELD use. This issue has been legislated, promulgated, and litigated. The time to move forward is now.

DOT does not yet know who launched the boilerplate responses, but the culprit did plagiarize parts of a speech by American Trucking Associations President and CEO Chris Spear when he said to Management Conference & Exhibition attendees “This issue has been legislated, promulgated, and litigated. The time to move forward is now."

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