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Arkansas' Trucking Industry - At the Heart of it ALL

America's trucking industry is the driving force in our nation's economy, and Arkansas is at the heart of America's trucking industry. Today, Arkansas is recognized as an industry leader. Perhaps no other Arkansas based industry has so successfully carved out its position in the state and national economy. Arkansas's trucking industry advances our state and our nation in countless ways. Trucking's impact is felt everywhere.

bullet  Over 86% of Arkansas communities depend exclusively on trucks to move their goods, and that's just a brief sample of our industry's impact here at home.

bullet  While Arkansas is proud to be home to some of the nation's largest trucking companies, it is the industry of small business. As of April 2020, there were 4,840 trucking companies located in Arkansas, most of them small, locally owned businesses. Over 90% of our interstate motor carriers operate 20 or fewer trucks.

bullet  The trucking industry paid 49 percent of all taxes owed by Arkansas motorists, despite trucks representing only 15 percent of vehicle miles traveled in the state.

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The facts tell the story.

Advancing a healthy trucking industry is vital to our state and national prosperity. A strong trucking industry is a stronger—a more competitive--Arkansas.

Today, the Arkansas Trucking Association is owned and governed by more than 300 trucking companies and important industry suppliers. Members range from the self-employed owner operators to some of the nation's largest freight and logistics companies.

We are proud to say that our Arkansas Trucking Association is recognized—not only by our members—but nationwide--- as one of the most effective, member-owned and financed trucking organizations in the country. Just a few decades ago, no one had reason to think Arkansas would be a major trucking center. Today, we're an industry leader.

Our industry's progress is a catalyst for Arkansas' progress. It really is simple. A strong Arkansas trucking industry is a stronger, a more prosperous Arkansas.

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Our Mission

  • PROTECT the collective interests of trucking companies in the political and regulatory arenas.
  • PROMOTE the dynamics of trucking so that people have a better understanding of the link between America's primary freight delivery system and the standard of living they enjoy.
  • SERVE our members to help them to grow their business and their profits
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