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Up Front- Eager to Serve


Shannon Newton
President, ATA

My career in the trucking industry began with a successful flatbed carrier based in North Little Rock. I was 23, a recent UCA graduate and this was my first “real job.” I was, to say the least, eager; eager to prove valuable, to contribute to something greater, to be treated (finally) like an adult and to wear my new, grown-up clothes. On arrival I was issued a regulation cubicle and a photo ID. I had arrived.

A few months later a memo informed all employees that we would have “special guests” the following day. We were reminded to have our workspace neat and to adhere to the professional dress code. I had no idea who these visitors were, but I got the message loud and clear; they were valued by my employer.

The next day I met our “special guests”—the Arkansas Trucking Association staff. Hearing about their mission on behalf of the industry, I was instantly intrigued. Months later, though enjoying my job, I enthusiastically accepted a position to join their staff. That was 11 years ago.

And today my passion and enthusiasm, my eagerness to make a meaningful contribution on behalf of the member carriers and their employees that make up this wonderful, dynamic, vital industry continues to grow.

How could it not? America does indeed run on trucks and our Arkansas Trucking Association membership is at the very center of it all.

Our story is a compelling, multi-faceted story; one that we should tell with confidence, purpose and increasing visibility. Our collective strength and the sum of our parts are key drivers of economic growth, family income, prosperity and quality of life in every community of Arkansas and beyond.

I am humbled by the services we deliver on behalf of our members. Not a day goes by that I do not think about how we—in collaboration with our membership—contribute to the industry’s continued growth and success.

I am honored to have the opportunity to lead this organization, to represent and advocate for our industry. I am passionate about leading the ATA forward in an increasingly complex and competitive environment.

ATA has a rich history, one filled with past leaders who, with our membership, achieved far-reaching legislative and regulatory victories and industry successes. On their shoulders I am humbled to lead the ATA forward. It is my passion to build upon this success.

As I write I’m keenly aware that “Strength in Numbers” and “The Power of Association” are not just empty words or slogans. They are the essence of who we are.

Our association was created to represent the trucking industry in Arkansas—the entire industry. On behalf of your ATA staff, I look forward to working with you as we proceed—together—confidently and purposefully, into the future.

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Our Mission

  • PROTECT the collective interests of trucking companies in the political and regulatory arenas.
  • PROMOTE the dynamics of trucking so that people have a better understanding of the link between America's primary freight delivery system and the standard of living they enjoy.
  • SERVE our members to help them to grow their business and their profits
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