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Up Front- Vote for Roads. You earned it.

DSCF7709 smallShannon Newton
President, ATA

In Arkansas, and around the country, having well-funded and well-maintained infrastructure is not a foregone conclusion. For decades, we, along with other stakeholders and elected officials have tried and failed.

Until every vote has been counted, we won’t know if this time was different.  The passage of Issue 1 on November 3rd would finally secure a long-term funding solution for the maintenance and upkeep of roads and bridges across the state. 

But even before knowing if we have been successful, I can say thank you for being a part of the effort.   Everyone—even our opposition—recognizes the problem. You likely drove over, around or through the problem this morning. It isn’t a secret or partisan or at all divisive to say, many roads and bridges are not fit for the future we want. I’m so proud of the policy makers, professional stakeholders, and also all of you who have a personal stake in seeing a need and not being satisfied with looking away from it.

The campaign for Issue 1, in which we have asked Arkansans to vote for roads, is about to be over, and we owe kudos to so many people who put in time, resources and energy. I hope their work pays off at the polls.

The credit for this cause stretches back weeks, months, and even years.

  • Governor Asa Hutchinson recognized the true need, committed to a solution, and has worked tirelessly to ensure the success of Issue 1 in November.
  • Legislators worked across the aisle, making tough decisions and ultimately allowing Arkansans the opportunity to have the final voice in this funding plan that will outlast all of their political careers.
  • Every stakeholder across a wide swath of industries, representatives of business groups worked together knowing that achieving the end goal was more important than any individual desire or credit.
  • Donors have provided funding to educate voters even up to the last days at the polls to make sure that no one has to show up to the ballot box without knowing what is at stake
  • Every individual who talked to their own professional and social circles about Issue 1. When the pandemic restricted many in-person gatherings this year, where we could have met voters personally and answered questions, individuals carried the conversation to their own networks.
  • And every driver on our roads who has patiently and not so patiently endured until we had a solid plan for the future.

I believe that our state and our country will endure despite the challenges we face, but I don’t mean that as a platitude that everything will be fine no matter what. Everything will work out because we work out. We work hard when we see a problem, and our collective effort this election season is evidence of that.

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You are here: Home Article Archive Up Front- Vote for Roads. You earned it.