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Up Front - 'Tis the Season

ShannonNewtonShannon Newton
President, ATA

It probably feels a little late to send season’s greetings. You’ve eaten your black-eyed peas and cornbread and probably pulled the Christmas tree to the curb or boxed it back up in the attic, but this, too, is a season I am ready to greet.

Arkansas has a new gubernatorial administration for the first time in eight years. There are new cabinet secretaries, new commissioners, new legislative liaisons and policy advisors. As the 94th General Assembly of the Arkansas Legislature begins, there are even more new faces around the Capitol with 31 individuals serving for the very first time. (see page X for our election recap).

All that newness can be exciting, but the unknown can also be intimidating.

Our elected officials, returning or fresh-faced, are also deciding what to do with this season. As leadership changes, so do agendas and priorities.

Expect headlines about legislative debates on issues of public safety and the true meaning of school choice. Trucking’s concerns may not attract a lot of media attention this session, but that does not mean ATA isn’t working hard on your behalf. 

In recent years ATA has achieved some very big wins. Passing an infrastructure deal, changing overtime laws, expediting the CDL testing process, lowering taxes and positioning the state for transportation innovation have not been forgone conclusions. Our relationships and continued conversations with decision-makers have earned the industry respect and a reputation for being willing to make this state better. The newsmaker items may not be transportation-related this session, but the clout and reputation we have worked for isn’t going away.

If for everything there is a season and a time for every purpose, most people are using this time to set resolutions, name some goals, imagine how the moves they make in January might change the course of the next 12 months. ATA is doing the same, evaluating whether this is a season for charging forward or a season for simply gaining ground.

Our top priority is building new relationships, strengthening old ones and looking for opportunities to be your advocate.  We expect those may take shape in an effort to improve workforce development, litigation reform and pushing back on predatory towing practices.

As in 2022 and all the 90 years before, ATA will be promoting, protecting and serving you in this season.

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