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Date: June 05, 2018 12:00 AM - June 06, 2018 12:00 AM

Arkansas Trucking Association and NATMI Present

Motor Fleet Accident Investigation (2 day) & Advanced Accident Investigation (2 day)

June 5-8, 2018 - Little Rock, AR

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Fleet Accident Investigation Course Description
June 5-6: Control costs through a complete and thorough vehicle accident investigation.  Develop skills in loss prevention, data collection and analysis.
  • Accident Management - Setting policy and procedures to be followed within the organization; driver conduct and actions at the scene; and the supervisor's role
  • Cause and Chain of Events of Accidents - When and where did the accident begin; the multiple causes of accidents and driving tactics
  • The Role of Photography in Documentation - Procedures for gathering useful photographs
  • Roadway Evidence - Skid marks, metal scars, and damage to objects along the path of the vehicles and how they assist in determination of speeds and directions
  • Vehicle Damage - Contact, induced and other damage present and how to determine what may have caused each
  • Determining Speeds - How to determine the speed of vehicle from tire marks, critical speeds of curves, combined speeds, skip and gap skids, drag factors of roadways and other surfaces, and test skid procedures
  • Recording Information - Gathering measurements and creating field sketches, which will be used as part of the investigative process
Advanced Accident Investigation Course Description
June 7-8:  A continuation of the 2 day Motor Fleet Accident Investigation course, which stresses problem solving with field exercises and case studies. Students are provided the data necessary to perform calculations followed by analysis and reconstruction of actual case studies.
  • Reconstruction/Part 1 - The discussion includes how and why accident reconstructions are made, principles involved, procedures used, and principles of energy and momentum
  • Accident Evidence Procedures - A review of the procedures for analyzing tires and lamps from vehicles involved in accidents
  • Perspective Grid Photography - The procedure for using photographs for analyzing accidents is outline, along with practical exercises by students
  • Reconstruction/Part 2 - Covers reconstruction of speeds from skid slides, vaults, etc. The student is provided with sufficient data to perform practical calculations, followed by analysis, and projects in time/distance/acceleration relationship
  • Reconstruction of Case Studies - Project work on sample accidents under the guidance of the instructor
  • Litigation - Gathering information, selecting experts, preserving evidence, and determining court admissibility in preparation for legal action
Seminar Location 
Arkansas Trucking Association
 1401 W. Capitol Avenue, Ste. 183
Little Rock, AR 72201
8:00 am-5:00 pm
For questions regarding course or registration, please contact NATMI's Kelly Long Crow or call 303-952-4013. 



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  • From June 05, 2018 12:00 AM to June 06, 2018 12:00 AM

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