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Maintenance and Technology Council

Arkansas Trucking Maintenance & Technology Council


Jon DeBusk
Bowerman Trucking

Vice Chairman

Dustin McKibbin
Tyson Foods



Immediate Past Chairman: Ryan Womack, McKee Foods Transportation

The Maintenance & Technology Council (MTC) is an exclusive membership benefit of the Arkansas Trucking Association. The MTC serves the interests of its individual members, especially in the areas of maintenance and technology management.

The purpose of the Council is to provide a forum for the exchange of information and the discussion of current issues. This is brought to you through the following:

  • Speakers on product comparisons and/or new technologies
  • Interchanging ideas and information
  • Discussion of implementation strategies
  • Recommended vehicle specifications
  • Preventive maintenance guidelines
  • Vehicle maintenance reporting standards for maintenance cost reporting
  • Technician training
  • Fuel economy guidelines
  • Meetings, seminars and events throughout the year
  • Coordination of the annual Arkansas Technician Championship

Technician Curriculum Advisory Committee

Only employees of Arkansas Trucking Association member companies are eligible for MTC membership. If you are a motor carrier, manufacturer, or industry service provider, you will find that the Maintenance & Technology Council is a valuable organization you will want to join.

For more information, please contact Sarah Newman at

Carl Tapp Technician Scholarship

The Carl Tapp Technician Scholarship Program supports aspiring techs in their education and certification pursuits at Arkansas institutions that produce workforce-prepared diesel technicians.

For more information or if you have questions, please contact Sarah Newman at or call 501-372-3462.

Arkansas Technician Championship

Arkansas Technician Championship 2023

2023 Winners

2023 Trailer Technicians Winners 2023 Truck Technicians Winners 2023 Golden Wrench Awards

Click here for a complete list of winners at the 2023 Arkansas Technician Championship.

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