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Technician Curriculum Advisory Committee

Maintenance & Technology Council Technician Curriculum Advisory Committee


Chairman: Heath Wilson, Maverick Transportation

ATA MTC Technician Curriculum Advisory Committee


To address industry workforce needs by researching and developing educational curriculum guidelines for secondary and postsecondary school systems in Arkansas with the assistance of industry and education experts as well as other entities as defined by the Arkansas Trucking Association.


Our industry faces a growing crisis due to a shortage of trained maintenance professionals, and many members have been approached by the educational community seeking our assistance in shaping programs that will provide that skilled labor force now and into the future.  In response, the Arkansas Trucking Association Maintenance & Technology Council at its June 15, 2016 meeting voted to form a committee that might offer solutions to this industry-wide problem.


The following responsibilities are set forth to guide the committee in fulfilling its purpose to help secondary and postsecondary institutions develop curriculum that prepares students for a career in the diesel maintenance industry; the committee may undertake other and different activities as appropriate for that purpose, or as may be delegated to it by the Arkansas Trucking Association Maintenance & Technology Council.

The committee shall

  1. Identify potential learning institutions to offer courses in industry-related subjects;
  2. Develop relationships with learning institutions, educators, and advisors;
  3. Develop a list of standard skill and learning objectives, based on employer needs, that will prepare students in any institution’s diesel maintenance/trucking program for a career in some sector of the Arkansas trucking industry;
  4. Assist institutions in developing a scope, sequence, and course descriptions for industry-related programs;
  5. Assist educators in developing real-world assessments to determine whether students have met learning objectives and acquired skills that satisfy real Arkansas employer needs;
  6. Undertake review of committee’s curriculum development and assess whether it continues to adequately prepare students for careers in the Arkansas trucking industry. Make suggestions for improving curriculum based changing industry needs;
  7. Report progress at each MTC meeting.

Please let us know if you would be interested in joining us in this effort. For more information or if you have questions, please email or call 501.372.3462.

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