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Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Stalled

Debate among Democrats led to an announcement on Friday, Oct. 1 of an indefinite delay of a House vote on final passage of the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). Originally scheduled for Sept. 27, then pushed back to Sept. 30, the longer-term deferral of final passage resulted from ongoing insistence by House Progressives that the infrastructure bill’s fate remain tied to passage of a $3.5 trillion tax-and-spending bill funding social infrastructure priorities.

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EPA and CARB Agree to DEF Sensor Fix

Ongoing shortages of replacement parts for failed diesel exhaust fluid quality sensors are believed to be causing thousands of trucks nationwide to be disabled and parked.

The sensors, which measure the quality and level of diesel exhaust fluid in the tank, are part of the global computer chip shortage, causing a backlog and rising the price of available parts from around $300 to as much as $7,000. Failure of the DEF sensor can result in the vehicle being inoperable. More than a million engines, representing more than 40 engine families (since 2016) could be affected.

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Distracted Driving Coalition Launches Nationwide Effort

On Sept. 16, dozens of safety-minded organizations launched a national coalition aimed at reducing the deadly threat of distracted driving on the nation’s highways. The National Distracted Driving Coalition, governed by a 100-member steering committee, plans to act as a central clearinghouse for local and state safety groups to promote national, innovative and collaborative approaches to shed light on and pursue legislation on talking and texting on cellphones, among other distractions.

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