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Safety First. Safety Now.

Safety is our highest priority.

The trucking industry and all Arkansas Trucking Association member carriers are committed to sharing the road safely with all vehicles.

Our goal is to keep our drivers safe, and keep your family safe on the highway.

Arkansas Trucking Association members put safety first through improved driver training, investment in advanced safety technologies and active participation in industry safety initiatives at the local, state and national levels.

In regular meetings, written communications, legislative initiatives, industry outreach and networking, research and driver and fleet safety recognition programs, we stay proactively involved on all aspects of driver and industry safety.

The Arkansas Trucking Association maintains an active safety program, led by members though our Safety Management Council (SMC).

The purpose of the SMC is to promote cooperative efforts for increased safety throughout the industry.

It’s critical to constantly push forward on safety, to maintain high safety standards, and remove risk wherever possible. Working with our member partners and wider industry, we support a range of public communications and outreach efforts to promote safety and security on our highways, local roads and among drivers.

As part of our commitment, through the national Share the Road Safely program, we work hard to share best practices with the public.

The Share the Road Safely Program relies heavily on Safety Partners participating on a grassroots level to help promote Share the Road safety messages.

The Share the Road program sends a team of professional truck drivers to communities to teach car drivers about truck blind spots, stopping distances and safe merging around large trucks, all designed to reduce the number of car-truck accidents.

We partner with enforcement agencies to develop and support safety initiatives that protect the motoring public.

We work with state and federal agencies to conduct and promote ongoing highway safety projects and important research.

ATA also conducts annual motor carrier safety and compliance seminars and holds annual safe driver contests.

We strive to improve the knowledge of all drivers to minimize the likelihood of a crash with a large truck.

We’re proud to say that the industry is safer than it has ever been.

Our continued focus on safety will only help us make our nation's highways even safer.

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Our Mission

  • PROTECT the collective interests of trucking companies in the political and regulatory arenas.
  • PROMOTE the dynamics of trucking so that people have a better understanding of the link between America's primary freight delivery system and the standard of living they enjoy.
  • SERVE our members to help them to grow their business and their profits
You are here: Home News In Brief Safety First. Safety Now.