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Arkansas Trucking Association Unveils New Website


Arkansas Trucking Association Unveils New Website

The Arkansas Trucking Association (ATA) has created a new and improved website that former ATA President Lane Kidd says is a “dynamic, centralized communications hub geared to the needs of our association members and other important audiences in today’s information intensive, 24/7 world.” now has a much more engaging user experience. The overall design and content features of the website have been updated to better reflect ATA’s standing as a recognized industry leader. The entire website is designed to portray the far-reaching, positive impact the industry has in the lives of families and communities, and in our state and national economy.

The website is designed to serve as a meaningful, timely and flexible information and communication resource that is responsive to the needs of a wide range of audiences, from association members, to the press, the general public, the statewide and national political universe and other stakeholders.

”This website will better represent the true size, scope and reach of our industry and our members’ interests in Arkansas and beyond,” said Kidd.

In addition to new content, features include a real time Twitter and Facebook feed, integrated calendar feature, new member portal, current industry news, as well as easy access to featured content and current issues of the Arkansas Trucking Report. Video is featured more prominently. Two new videos available on the website serve as engaging and compelling introductions that speak to the vital role the ATA membership plays in our state and national economy.

“This website better focuses on who we are as an extension of who we represent-our membership,” Kidd continued. “The website significantly upgrades our web-based and, going forward, our real-time social media based communications. We’ve received input from communications professionals to help guide our decisions and to help us sift through a broader array of communications issues. With their guidance, this website is intended to serve as a catalyst. Ongoing feedback from our membership will help us to fine-tune how we present the face of the Arkansas Trucking Association membership and our industry going forward.”

Visit and tell us what you think of the new websites. We always appreciate and value your feedback.

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You are here: Home News In Brief Arkansas Trucking Association Unveils New Website