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Trucking Goes On-Demand

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The same concept that enables people to get a taxi, private car or rideshare from an app on their mobile phone has inspired a Nevada company to extend this application to the trucking industry.

Uber and other “sharing economy” applications is the inspiration behind On the Move Systems Corp. (OMVS) to bring a unique, on-demand services to the U.S. trucking industry, the company announced today.

The Henderson, Nev., company has begun development on a new program designed to save time and money on trucking by connecting users directly with individual service providers.

“It’s a revolutionary business model with the potential to make interstate shipping easier and more efficient than ever before. OMVS is now building the tools to tap that potential,” said OMVS CEO Robert Wilson.

According to data from the American Trucking Associations (ATA), nearly 70 percent of all the freight tonnage moved in the U.S. goes on trucks. Wilson said that an online community allowing businesses and consumers to hire trucks, combine cargo space and track shipments from loading dock to loading dock could be a game-changer for the multi-billion-dollar industry.

On the Move says its goal to join the next wave of transformative online businesses by using digital tools to connect transportation customers with smaller and independent trucking service providers. With development of OMVS’ new trucking program underway, the company’s first step will be building partnerships with smaller trucking firms, giving them an opportunity to compete in the same, wider marketplace as the biggest players.

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