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ATRI releases sleep apnea research data


The American Transportation Research Institute released the results of its sleep apnea survey, which highlights a number of issues related to truck driver screening and treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). With data from over 800 commercial drivers, ATRI's report is the first to quantify the costs and other impacts that truck drivers are experiencing as they address diagnosis and potential treatment regimen for OSA.

The study found that among drivers who had been referred to a sleep study, 53% paid some or all of the test costs, with an average of $1,220 in out-of-pocket expenses, representing just over 1.5 weeks of median driver pay at $805 per week.

Even some drivers with health insurance (32%) incurred out-of-pocket costs exceeding $1000, while 61% of drivers with no health insurance met more than $1000 in sleep study bills. None of these costs include pay lost for time away from work. Forty-one percent of participants spent 1 – 30 days away from work for sleep apnea screening.

The study also found the number of drivers who report not adhering to a prescribed OSA treatment, most commonly use of a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine, was only 1.95 percent optttttmoderate/severe OSA diagnosed respondents moderate/severe OSA diagnosed respondents.

"ATRI's research clearly shows what my fellow drivers and I have been experiencing. The costs associated with sleep apnea screening and treatment are not inconsequential for drivers and the flexibility to utilize lower cost options for both screening and treatment will be critical if FMCSA moves forward with a formal rulemaking," said Barbara Beal, an Owner-Operator and member of OOIDA.

Find the full findings and a copy of the white paper at


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You are here: Home News In Brief ATRI releases sleep apnea research data