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CSA Scores Likely to Remain Offline for Two Years

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx told a Senate panel that Compliance, Safety, Accountability carrier ranking system changes will take about two years to complete, and the industry shouldn’t expect to see CSA scores—the percentile rankings in the CSA Safety Measurement System’s seven BASICs — return to public view until those changes have been made.

“Based on our preliminary assessment, it’s going to take a while to do the revised analysis,” Foxx said. The changes in the CSA score methodology were required in Congress’ 2015 FAST Act bill.

 “We expect it to take a year or two, probably more like two, before that information (CSA SMS rankings) will be posted back up,” he continued.

The FAST Act required the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to pull CSA SMS rankings from public view to correct the flaws in the program’s data well and the methods used to calculate carriers’ scores. The resulting flawed scores were available for third parties like shippers, brokers and insurers to view and make determinations about carriers and their crash risk, in spite of the program’s seeming disconnect with crash risk.

Congress also directed the agency to work with the National Academies of Science and other government accountability agencies to work with FMCSA to develop a plan to reform the system before the agency can bring the scores back to public view.


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You are here: Home News In Brief CSA Scores Likely to Remain Offline for Two Years