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Fighting Fuel Theft with a Card?

Fueloyal Fuel Theft Protection

Chicago tech startup, Fueloyal has developed a card to prevent fuel theft for big trucks. The card, called the iCap 1000, uses the 3G network to prevent thieves from siphoning diesel out of gas tanks.

The iCap 1000 measures the gas going into the truck’s tank while checking it against what’s coming out of the pump through a real-time, 3G-networked connection.

“Instead of putting fuel in their truck, they’ll use the company card to put it in another truck at a discount and take the cash,” Fueloyal founder George Magoci explained.

The $299 gadget — which requires a $39-a-month data plan — can also locate fueling stations with the most competitive fuel prices and plans stops based on price, location, and remaining fuel in the tank.


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You are here: Home News In Brief Fighting Fuel Theft with a Card?