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The Chinese and Millenials are Most Eager for Self-Driving Cars

Consumer preference for self-driving cars is set to double within the next five years, according to a new study from the Capgemini Research Institute. The report, “The Autonomous Car: A Consumer Perspective,” found the Chinese and millennials are two demographic groups that report feeling the most positive anticipation for a future with self-driving vehicles.

In a global survey of 5,000 people, researchers found that over half (53 percent) Chinese respondents described their feelings toward autonomous vehicles as positive and 12 percent reported negative feelings. While the respondents in the United States and United Kingdom had more mixed feelings (33 percent and 35 percent respectively).

One reason for the enthusiasm in China could be the government’s encouragement of the technology. In Dec. 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology set a national goal for at least 30 percent of new vehicles to have some level of autonomous capabilities by 2020. Three Chinese cities also rank in the top ten worst traffic in the world.

Millennials (under age 35) also feel more positively about self-driving vehicles and are more likely to welcome smart technology in their daily lives.

The research suggests that while only 25 percent of those surveyed would prefer riding in a self-driving car this year, 52 percent will say driverless cars will be their preferred mode of transport by 2024. Fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, time-savings are just a few of the benefits that consumers are anticipating, and over half says they would be willing to pay up to 20 percent more for an autonomous vehicle.

Markus Winkler, Global Head of Automotive at Capgemini said that while optimism is high for autonomous technology, auto companies should consider the fears and anxieties of future customers who are hesitant to trust vehicles to interact with other vehicles, navigate unexpected situations and stay secure from hackers.

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You are here: Home News In Brief The Chinese and Millenials are Most Eager for Self-Driving Cars