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Tyson establishes task force & bonuses for frontline workers

Tyson Foods is also investigating ways to keep their drivers safe and make their difficult jobs a little bit easier by launching a task force. The company also announced approximately $60 million in bonuses to 116,000 frontline workers, including truck drivers, who are serving during the COVID-19.

All eligible employees will receive a $500 bonus in addition to other company-announced efforts to support workers, plant communities and livestock producers during the global pandemic.

“We’re proud of how our team members have stepped up during this challenging time to make sure we continue fulfilling our critical mission of feeding people across America,” Tyson Foods CEO Noel White said in a statement concerning the bonus pay.

The driver task force is way to reduce stress and pain points for our driving team members as well as contract carrier partners. By seeking feedback from drivers about their experiences on the road, customer locations, or even their own Tyson Foods facilities, the task force can react and recognize the work drivers are doing and the circumstances they are enduring.

Like much of the country, Tyson drivers have seen a dearth of food options and clean facilities, so the the task force has advocated for drivers. As a result of Tyson Foods' efforts, many goods and services that their drivers depend on are now more accessible. Tyson Foods has provided care packages containing protective gear cleaning supplies to its own drivers and food bags to drivers of and beyond its own fleet across the state.

Associate director of transportation Josh Howard said, “The transportation group specifically is working hard to keep food on-hand at our terminals for any driver passing through. We are also going to various locations and truck stops across the state to hand out food bags to all drivers and offer a sincere thank you for everything they are doing. 

“One of the most important things to remember right now is this is most likely a marathon, not a sprint. The attention and gratitude that our drivers are seeing right now is great, but we must do all we can to sustain it throughout this crisis. The drivers will need our support tomorrow, next week, next month….just as they do today,” Howard said in an email.

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You are here: Home News In Brief Tyson establishes task force & bonuses for frontline workers