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Biden Proposes $2.25T Infrastructure Plan

On March 31, President Biden released plans for a $2.25 trillion infrastructure and economic recovery package, known as the American Jobs Plan. The eight-year plan would be funded by a partial-reversal of the Trump tax cuts, raising the corporate tax rate from 21 percent to 28 percent over 15 years.

A $621 billion in transportation infrastructure would aim to repair and modernize bridges, roads, public transit, ports, airports and electric vehicle development.

American Trucking Associations applauded the president’s goals to address the nation’s roads, but expressed concern for some of the plan’s funding proposals. “The health of our economy, strength of our supply chain and safety of the motoring public require us to make big, bold investments in our nation’s roads and bridges, and this plan would steer much-needed funding to critical projects along our national highway system,” said ATA President Chris Spear.

“We do not believe the Administration’s funding proposal is politically tenable nor a reliable long-term solution to the shortfall facing the Highway Trust Fund,” Spear said. “The trucking industry is committed to being a constructive partner throughout the legislative process and will continue to work with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle on a funding mechanism that is equitable, sustainable, user-based and can provide the foundation our economy needs over the long-term.”

Republican opponents of the proposal have balked at its expansive definition of “infrastructure” with allocations of $400 billion for elder care, $300 billion for affordable housing and $300 billion to improve drinking-water infrastructure, expand broadband access and upgrade electric grids.

Biden has said he hopes to win Republican support for his infrastructure bill. Democrats need to bring 10 GOP senators on board or they will have to try to pass the bill through budget reconciliation, which would not require any Republicans to back the plan in a chamber split 50-50 by party.

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You are here: Home News In Brief Biden Proposes $2.25T Infrastructure Plan