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EPA and CARB Agree to DEF Sensor Fix

Ongoing shortages of replacement parts for failed diesel exhaust fluid quality sensors are believed to be causing thousands of trucks nationwide to be disabled and parked.

The sensors, which measure the quality and level of diesel exhaust fluid in the tank, are part of the global computer chip shortage, causing a backlog and rising the price of available parts from around $300 to as much as $7,000. Failure of the DEF sensor can result in the vehicle being inoperable. More than a million engines, representing more than 40 engine families (since 2016) could be affected.

The Engine Manufacturers Association, on behalf of its member companies, has proposed an industry-wide approach that would provide a software solution for vehicles with failed parts to enable them to operate temporarily while the industry works to produce more replacement parts. In the long-term, it would provide replacement parts through a recall program. EPA and CARB have reviewed the proposed approach and believe it is appropriate for the companies to implement the proposed solution going forward as quickly as possible.

The manufacturers have developed and tested new software code and have begun installing the code on vehicles in the field. The companies will also make available a similar software update for vehicles whose sensors have not failed, but are among a group of vehicles where such a failure could be expected to occur to prevent a sensor failure from disabling the vehicle. This updated software is likewise expected to be available to service centers soon.

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You are here: Home News In Brief EPA and CARB Agree to DEF Sensor Fix