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Could even warehouse work go remote?

Since the pandemic began, many employees stopped commuting to an office and began logging on from home
to earn their paycheck. Some analysts predict that 25% of professional jobs in North America will be remote by the
end of the year. But less expected is that non-office jobs have remote-potential.

Two companies are exploring technology that allows workers to operate forklifts remotely, a challenge that could address labor shortages in warehouses.

Fort Smith, Ark. based logistics company, ArcBest Corp. and logistics provider NFI Industries Inc. in Camden, N.J. have invested in Phantom Auto Inc.’s remote vehicle operation software. The California startup plans to deploy
thousands of remote-enabled forklifts over the next several years.

Off-site drivers will use video and audio streams to operate equipment anywhere. A single operator could control multiple forklifts in different locations throughout his or her shift. Just like tech companies have found a greater talent pool when they aren’t restricted to a geographical area, warehouses could add capacity to meet growing ecommerce demand by overcoming the current staffing challenges.

The goal isn’t to replace workers, NFI Chief Executive Sid Brown told the Wall Street Journal that this kind of remote work could help with recruitment and attract people who like to play videogames because of the necessary skillset.

ArcBest is working with Phantom to integrate the remote possibilities with autonomous technology. They are partnering to deliver remote autonomous forklift technology to third parties later this year.

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You are here: Home News In Brief Could even warehouse work go remote?