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ATA and Arkansas State Police Address CDL Testing Backlog

A collaboration between the Arkansas State Police and Arkansas trucking industry is helping address a backlog of trained, professional truck drivers that are urgently needed to fill a deficit of some 80,000 truck driving jobs nationwide.

As with non-commercial driver’s license testing, professional truck drivers must pass both a written and a skills test to obtain their CDL. Staffing issues and a limited number of test sites have sidelined CDL candidates who have been forced to wait weeks to complete the skills test.

“Our industry desperately needs more safe and qualified drivers to be able to stock grocery shelves and deliver all of life’s essentials,” said Arkansas Trucking Association President Shannon Newton. “With ongoing supply chain and workforce issues, delaying the certification of fully-trained drivers impacts everyone—not just trucking.”

After being notified of drivers facing weeks-long delays between completing their CDL training and being able to take the CDL skills test, Newton approached the Arkansas State Police to find a solution. Together, the ASP and ATA came up with a multi-prong approach to streamline the backlog, including:

  • Saline County Fairgrounds will provide temporary overflow testing beginning May 31, and running for 45 days.
  • CDL examiners have been approved for overtime through the end of June.
  • CDL examiners have been directed to remain dedicated to CDL testing candidates.
  • ASP is aggressively attempting to fill examiner vacancies with qualified testing personnel.
  • Additionally, ASP will consider expanding third-party testing options.

“We commend the Arkansas State Police for implementing swift and decisive resolutions to address the backlog of CDL skills tests,” Newton said. “Our economy needs people to go to work and these drivers are ready and willing to do so, with the support of the Arkansas CDL examiners.”

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You are here: Home News In Brief ATA and Arkansas State Police Address CDL Testing Backlog